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On Demand: Shake it Off—Fever Management During TTM

Shivering is a common side effect associated with targeted temperature management and may be challenging to mitigate in the complex patient population. It is imperative to have a step-wise approach to modulate shivering through standardized protocols. This webinar will review the thermoregulatory shift associated with fever and shivering and discuss treatment modalities to provide a […]

On-Demand: Controversies in Therapeutic Hypothermia and TTM

Dr. Joseph Varon is the Chairman of the Board and Chief of Critical Care at United General Hospital in Houston and an internationally recognized expert in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia. In this webinar, he analyzes the current research, offers recommendations for protocol implementation and discusses the pros and cons of available TTM devices. Infamously, […]

Precision Excision and Harvesting in Burn Care

Cindy Rutter RN, a burn survivor and lifetime champion in the burn community, will take an extensive look into the total management. She will discuss all aspects of caring for the complex burn patient including diagnosis, wound care, hypothermia prevention and grafting.

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Outcomes from Cardiac Arrest

Learning Objectives This webinar focuses on essential bedside skills as well as system considerations to improve outcomes from cardiac arrest.  High performance CPR, effective defibrillation, feedback on performance, team training & post arrest care are discussed.  In addition, cutting edge therapies such as mechanical CPR & ECMOwere presented as an option for patients with refractory […]

Deliver Without the Shiver: The ABC’s of Shivering Management

This session will review neurogenic fever, its incidence, thermoregulatory shifts associated with hypothalamic injuries and associated interventions. On completion of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss the importance of targeted temperature management (TTM) Discuss thermoregulatory setpoint shifts during hypothalamic injuries Explain the pathophysiology of shivering List 3 interventions to combat shivering

Accidental Hypothermia in the Emergency Department

Dr. Joseph Miller, the Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at Henry Ford Health System, will review the current literature and provide insight into how his health system evaluates and manages patients who present with accidental hypothermia