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Randomized Control Trials

Authors: Leung, L., Akhtar, Z., Elbatran, A.I., Bajpai, A., Li, A., Norman, M., Kaba, R., Sohal, M., Zuberi, Z., & Gallagher, M.M.


Authors: Tschabrunn, C. M., Attalla, S., Salas, J., Frankel, D. S., Hyman, M. C., Simon, E., Sharkoski, T., Callans, D. J., Supple, G. E., Nazarian, S., Lin, D., Schaller, R. D., Dixit, S., Marchlinski, F. E., & Santangeli, P.


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Authors: Joseph, C., Cooper, J., Zagrodzky, J., Kulstad, E., Bailey, S., Sherman J., Nazari, J., Athill, C., Daniels, J., Mcdonald, S., Ruppert, A., Willms, D., Kawasaki, R., Turer, R., Metzl M.


Authors: Cooper, J., Joseph, C., Turer, R., Mcdonald, S., Kulstad, E., Daniels, J.


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Authors: Leung, L.W.M., Toor, P., Akhtar, Z., Bajpai ,A., Li, A., Sohal, M., & Gallagher, M.M.


Authors: Joseph, C., Nazari, J., Zagrodzky, J., Brumback, B., Sherman, J., Zagrodzky, W., Bailey, S., Kulstad, E., & Metzl, M.


Authors: Joseph, C., Cooper, C., Sikka, R.,  Zagrodzky, J., Turer, R.W., McDonald, S.A., Kulstad, E., & Daniels, J.


Authors: Cooper, J., Joseph, C., Zagrodzky, J., Woods, C., Metzl, M., Turer, R.W., McDonald, S.A., Kulstad, E., & Daniels, J.


Authors: Leung, L., Akhtar, Z., Elbatran, A.I., Bajpai, A., Li, A., Norman, M., Kaba, R., Sohal, M., Zuberi, Z., & Gallagher, M.M.


Authors: Montoya, M.M., Bustamante, T.G., Berjano, E., Mickelsen, S.R., Daniels, J.D., Arango, P.H., Schieber, J. &, Kulstad, E.


Authors: Joseph, C., Cooper, J., Turer, R.W., McDonald, S.A., Kulstad, E.B., & Daniels, J.


Authors: Joseph, C., Sherman, J., Ro, A., Fisher, W.G., Nazari, J., & Metzl, M.


Authors: Zagrodzky, J., Bailey, S., Shah, S., & Kulstad, E.


Authors: Montoya, M. M., Mickelsen, S., Clark, B., Arnold, M., Hanks, J., Sauter, E., & Kulstad, E.

Cooling (Critical Care)

Author: Anderson C.M., Joseph C., Fisher R., Berry D., Diestelhorst J.B., Kulstad C., & Wayne M.


Authors: Smith, T., Couillard, P., McBeth, P., Hruska, P., & Kortbeek, J.

Authors: Bhatti, F., Naiman, M., Tsarev, A., & Kulstad, E.

Authors: Khan, I., Haymore, J., Barnaba, B., Armahizer, M., Melinosky, C., Bautista, M. A., Blaber, B., Chang, W. T., Parikh, G., Motta, M., & Badjatia, N.

Authors: Goury, A., Poirson, F., Chaput, U., Voicu, S., Garçon, P., Beeken, T., Malissin, I., Kerdjana, L., Chelly, J., Vodovar, D., Oueslati, H., Ekherian, J. M., Marteau, P., Vicaut, E., Megarbane, B., & Deye, N.
Authors: Naiman, M., Markota, A., Haymore, J., Badjatia, N., Hegazy, A., & Kulstad, E.
Warming (Burn/Trauma/OR)

Authors: Davenport, O. R., Mazal, A. T., Davies, M. T., Bagley, C. A., & McDonagh, D. L.

Authors: Furrer, F., Wendel-Garcia, P. D., Pfister, P., Hofmaenner, D. A., Franco, C., Sachs, A., Fleischer, J., Both, C., Kim, B. S., Schuepbach, R. A., Steiger, P., Carmen, G., & Buehler, P. K.

Authors: Primožič, K. K., Svenšek, F., Markota, A., & Sinkovič, A.


Authors: Kalasbail, P., Makarova, N., Garrett, F., & Sessler, D. I.