Accurate to the core.


The new standard.

The ensoETM® device modulates and controls patient temperature through a single-use silicone tube inserted into the esophagus, similar to a standard gastric tube, and connected to an external heat exchange unit. Positioned at the core, next to blood flow from the heart and great vessels, water circulates inside the closed loop system to efficiently cool or warm a patient.

Unlike surface warming devices, the Enso’s internal placement won’t impede access to the patient during surgery, and allows gastric decompression, drainage, or administration of fluids and medications. The ensoETM device can be rapidly placed by most trained healthcare professionals in the peri-operative setting. No other product on the market is cleared for use in the esophageal environment for whole-body temperature modulation.


TTM at the source.

Temperature management with the Enso works where blood supply begins, right next to the heart for precise, consistent control.


Watch and learn.

Our team of professionals are with you every step of the way. We provide expert training and tutorials both in person and online.



Simply get it right.

The Enso’s radiopaque tip is visible on X-ray and allows you to quickly ensure perfect placement.



The Attune Medical ensoETM trademark and name are registered globally to Advanced Cooling Therapy, Inc.