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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will Attune Medical train my staff on the use of ensoETM?

A:  Yes, the Clinical Services team at Attune Medical provides a robust training program which includes unit in-servicing and SuperUser programs, tailored to the needs of individual institutions.  Our 24/7 Clinical Support Line is also available to address questions about ensoETM implementation.

Q: How does ensoETM work to cool or warm the patient?

A: Once ensoETM is placed, contact with the esophageal mucosa allows blood passing through the great vessels to be cooled or warmed and then circulate in the rest of the body and brain to modulate temperature.

Q: What are the clinical applications for ensoETM?

A: The ensoETM device is a thermal regulating device intended to connect to an external heat exchanger to control patient temperature in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, or intensive care unit. It may be utilized for all temperature management needs.

Q: Who can place ensoETM?

A: The ensoETM device can be placed by any healthcare provider trained to place orogastric tubes (including nurses, paramedics, and physicians). Placement of ensoETM does not require additional training beyond that which clinicians receive to place an orogastric tube.

Q: Can I feed and suction through the same device?

A: Yes, our new ensoETM’s (ECD-03 and ECD-04) are approved for both gastric decompression and enteral administration of fluids. The central lumen may be connected to low-intermittent suction using standard suction tubing and adaptor OR connected to an enteral administration system with an ISO 80369-3 compliant female connector.

Q: How is patient temperature monitored?

A: Patient temperature is monitored with a YSI 400 Series Foley catheter temperature probe or rectal temperature probe, which connects to the external heat exchanger to provide feedback control. Since ensoETM is placed in the esophagus, esophageal temperature probes cannot be used, as they may provide inaccurate readings.

Q: How fast can ensoETM cool?

A: The maximum cooling rate will vary between patients, but ensoETM’s performance is comparable to devices currently in widespread use.

Q: Does one size fit all patients?

A: The ensoETM device fits most average sized adults. The safety and effectiveness of ensoETM has not been evaluated in patients with less than 40 kg of body mass.

Q: Does the water from the external heat exchanger empty into the stomach?

A: No. The water from the external heat exchanger circulates through ensoETM in a closed loop, just like a water blanket.